A Little Hypocrisy I think

A Little Hypocrisy I think

January 9, 2017 Blog 0

A Little Hypocrisy I think

Last year the MO Legislature passed SB 656 the so-called Constitutional Carry which is really no such thing and it barely passes for permit-less carry because of all the places one isn’t allowed to carry unless of course they have a state sanctioned permit to do so.

You can find this forty-nine page piece of legislation here:

When this piece of legislation was introduced it was titled the following

SB 656–By Munzlinger. An Act to repeal sections 571.101 and 571.104, RSMo, and to enact in lieu thereof two new sections relating to concealed carry permits, with existing penalty provisions and an emergency clause for a certain section.

When this piece of legislation was finally passed it was finally titled:
SB 656 Modifies provisions relating to county sheriffs, self defense, unlawful use of weapons, and concealed carry permits

One could make an argument as to whether this piece of legislation is actually in standing with A3S21&23, but this blog isn’t about whether it complies with the constitution or not, just what I see as some hypocrisy by the super majority in Jefferson City.

Prefiled bills show that the legislature is going to take up House Bill 96, which states that should a private business owner decide that said business is a gun free area, that the owner can be held liable if it can be shown that an individual could have defended themselves by the use of their own firearm had they not been disarmed.  A good example of this is a shopping mall that has no guns allowed signs so if you are following the directive of the owner you’ll be disarmed.  Criminals who we know don’t follow the law or rules should they carry a firearm in the mall and start shooting at people, the mall could be held liable for the deaths or injuries which occurred inside because the people were disarmed and had someone had a firearm they could’ve stopped the assailant. I have asked several elected officials what law currently on the books can be used to prevent such a lawsuit now, I’m still waiting on a response.

Fast forward to just before the inauguration of our current governor-elect Eric Greitens and metal detectors are going to be installed in the capital building and be retained there for the foreseeable future.  Now I must admit that the carrying of firearms was only legal for the elected and the staff of the elected, however a person could’ve carried into the capital building and just ignored the provision which made it illegal just like they could do in the above example of the shopping mall, but with metal detectors the citizens just like in the shopping mall can be sitting targets as only the elected and staff are allowed to carry for protection.  Not only is this similar to the shopping mall where only PD and security has firearms but unlike the shopping mall example and the lawsuit legislation pending a citizen can’t legally hold the elected accountable for a similar policy.