November 2018 Ballot Positions

November 2018 Ballot Positions

October 16, 2018 Blog 0

Locke and Smith Foundation Positions on 2018 Ballot Measures

NameDescriptionConstiutionalityBoard Position
Amendment 1Redefining procedure to draw state legislative district boundaries.
Campaign contribution limits. Limits on lobbying after being in the
General Assembly
Amendment 2Marijuana for medical purposes; 4 percent tax; funds for veterans RejectOppose
Amendment 3Marijuana for medical purposes; 15 percent tax; funds for cancer
Amendment 4Bingo License — Membership requirement change from 2 years to 6
Proposition BIncrease the state minimum wage to $8.60 per hour with 85 cents per
hour increase each year until 2023, when the state minimum wage
would be $12.00 per hour; exempt government employers.
Proposition CPersonal use and possession of medical cannabis (marijuana) with a
physician’s certification for a qualifying medical condition; 2% tax; funds
for veterans' services, drug treatment, early childhood education
Proposition DMotor Fuel Tax; increasing 2.5 cents per gallon annually for four years
beginning July 1, 2019; exempt Olympic prizes from state taxes; start
the Emergency State Freight Bottleneck Fund


Click here to listen to a full explanation of our positions

Click here to listen to an explanation of Amendment 1, Amendment 2, Amendment 3, and Proposition C

Click here to listen to a discussion on Propositions B,C, and D

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