Grading for the Locke and Smith Award

All legislation that reaches the assembly floor will be reviewed using the L&S criteria and the corresponding constitution and the legislators will be scored accordingly.  If the piece of legislation remains unchanged when it is passed by the secondary chamber each representative, senator, and governor will be awarded points based on their vote and the committee determination.

There are other variables which relate to how many points can be awarded on any one piece of legislation such as conference committee substitutes, secondary chamber substitutes that are approved by the initial chamber, and over riding a veto of the governor.

The most times any one piece of legislation can be voted on is three and that is the most amount of points that can be awarded as well.

One point is awarded for every vote of yes on acceptable legislation.
One point is awarded for every vote of no on rejected legislation
A one point deduction will be the result of any unexcused absence, voting present or abstain.Zero points will be scored on a yes vote on rejected legislation and a no vote on accepted legislation

The state representative and state senator with the highest cumulative point score will be awarded the granite plaque and forever be known as one of the most constitutional voting members of the legislature.

In case of a tie breaking scenario all good sponsored legislation is awarded 5 points and co-sponsoring equates to 4 points. Sponsoring bad legislation is a deduction of 5 points and co-sponsoring is a deduction of 4 points. Sponsoring or co-sponsoring no legislation accumulates no points.
The maximum amount of points will be determined by how many pieces of legislation are approved by the state legislature and senate. The governor is also eligible for this award and that position will be combined with the senate.

Every member of the legislature will be eligible to receive this award with one each being awarded to the point total champion in the senate and the house.