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February 15- Upcoming MO holiday’s. A quick game of republican vs. democrat. Do you really know your party? Upcoming political events around the Ozarks. President Trump will speak at 9 a.m. today.

February 8- State Holidays – Lincoln has a birthday coming up! A quick game of republican vs. democrat. Several bills that we need to keep our eyes on. A quick mention of the PDMP

February 1- A short game of Republican vs. Democrat – how well do you know your party? Upcoming Super Bowl. PDMP hearings that are coming up next week. Cory Booker announced this morning that he is officially running for President on the Democrat ticket.

January 25- MO State holiday’s that are coming up. A short game of Republican vs. Democrat. The upcoming Missouri constitution class. Thoughts on the Kansas City Chiefs game.

January 18- Recap of the game in KC. MO State holidays. A game of Republican vs. Democrat. Locke and Smith Award presentation

January 11- A game of Republican vs. Democrat. The Locke and Smith Award. Locke and Smith constitution class

January 4- People who send hateful emails and messages. Missouri Holidays that are happening this month. A short game of Republican vs. Democrat. Finalists for the Locke and Smith Foundation Award. Greene County Audit. Minimum wage increase in Missouri took place on the first.

December 28th

Hour 1- How does legislation work its way into a bill in Missouri? What is the purpose of Government? What is the job of a legislator? What role do lobbies play in Jefferson City?

Hour 2- Who was the first person to get a Social Security check and what is her story? How do we fix the problems with Social Security?

Hour 3- Tom Martz chats with a former lobbyist, Pat Nicklaus, about firearms rights. What would she like to see introduced in Missouri and how would it work?

December 27th

Hour 1- The cross in Ozark. A quick game of Republican vs. Democrat. How are schools really doing?

Hour 2- Dr. Lilly talks about government waste when it comes to healthcare. First things first – What’s the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? What is your solution to this problem?

Hour 3- Medicaid and hospitals. 11 year old drag children. Credit cards and interest rates. The new SummitMedia radio app. Living longer by drinking coffee and alcohol

December 26

Hour 1- Government Shutdown: Thousands of government workers are still pushing through even after the government is faltering in Washington. Was the government shutdown a good idea?
Gallup Poll: Every Gallup poll asks the question “In politics, as of today, do you consider yourself a Republican, a Democrat or an independent?” How is that question inaccurate and be skewed?

Hour 2- Missouri Constitution: Are those elected who are voting on legislation doing it constitutionally? Should we blow it up and start all over? Should we get rid of it altogether?

Hour 3- Jason with Ozarks Independent joins The Locke and Smith Foundation. What is Ozarks Independent? What do they cover on their website? How do they pick and choose what to cover?

December 21- State holidays. Republican vs. Democrat. PDMP and healthcare. Medical marijuana

December 14- The Locke and Smith Award. Tom breaks down what the award is, and how exactly they grade the legislation.

December 7- Missouri Holidays. Underestimating Trump. The Lock and Smith Award. PDMP

November 30- Missouri state holiday list – what is coming up this week? Quiz time: how well do you know Missouri? No call list and how it got started. What is the Locke and Smith Foundation? What do they do, how do they gather information, and more.

November 9, Election recap. Multiple news sources are talking about the medical marijuana measure that was passed and issues with owning a firearm. Why wasn’t this mentioned before the election?Changing the electoral map – do we need to make a change to lines and boundaries?

November 6- Election Night Results

November 2- Prop B – Minimum wage increase. Prop C – Medical Marijuana. Prop D – Motor fuel tax AKA Gas Tax. 

November 1, Hour 1- Birthright Citizenship. Was the 14th amendment ratified properly? How did birthright citizenship end up part of the 14th amendment? Can President Trump eliminate birthright citizenship with executive order, and what can he do?

November 1, Hours 2 and 3- Propositions B,C,D. Minimum wage, gas tax, and marijuana.

October 26- Amendments 1,2,3, and Proposition C

October 19- How well do you know your state emblems? Clean Missouri amendment. Medical marijuana – do you know what each ballot measure says?

October 12- State holiday’s – What holiday’s are coming up in Missouri that you don’t want to miss?! There are five types of voters in the United States – which one are you? 

October 5- Wrongful convictions – why doesn’t America learn from history and the past?

September 28- Nick and John break down the Kavanuagh hearing. 

September 21- President Donald Trump plans to speak this evening for the Josh Hawley campaign rally. Doors have moved up, and there is a protest planned. Tom suggests asking questions about socialism to the protestors. What Missouri holiday’s can you expect this week? A PDMP update

September 14- Dr. Lilly talks about the Opioid crisis that’s happening in the state of Missouri, and what efforts are happening towards the PDMP.

September 7- Even though Missouri politicians like Holly Rehder are pushing for a database to monitor your prescription drug use, because Missouri is the only state that doesn’t do it… we are learning that the increase in opioid deaths from 2016 to 2017 isn’t nearly as drastic as the year before. Upcoming Missouri Holiday’s that you don’t want to miss.

August 31- House Bill 1460- Authorizes a tax deduction for any prize or award won by an Olympic medalist.Senate Bill 52-Creates several provisions relating to suicide awareness and prevention.Greene County Commissioner Lincoln Hough is calling again for an audit of the county, but it can only be done once the new Presiding commissioner is seated after the November election. The problem is, Hough is running for Missouri Senate, so how will the timing work? There are some theories. 

August 24- Missouri state holiday and what holiday are you currently missing. Donald Trump impeachment… What exactly would happen if president Trump was impeached from office? 

March 30- PDMP update and Dr. Lilly worked on a new chart. Upcoming elections. Lincoln Days 

March 23- PDMP update, and statistics of drug overdoses. Arming teachers. Primary elections. 

March 16- School protests, Tax propositions on Missouri drivers, CCRCC

March 9- The Lt. Gov replacement – With everything happening with Governor Greitens- some wonder what would happen if Lt. Governor Parsons took over the job and who would fill his vacant seat. HB 1484. Is the 911 system broken? 

March 2- Unless you get elected… Power and Control chart. Whistleblower. Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal – Pushing a blind man? HB 1465. Lt. Governor replacement. HB 1454. Keith English.

February 23- School Shooting Victims

February 16- Guns, PDMP update; 1246 – Forcing buildings to put up posters for information on human trafficking; 1251 – Changing foreclosure proceeds; 1267 – Virtual institutions; 1266 – Explosives.

February 9- Republican vs. Democrat: Do you know your party as well as you think you do? House Bill 1880-Declares the intent of the general assembly to facilitate and encourage development of fiber optic infrastructure by rural electric cooperatives. There is a debate that heated up in Jefferson City this week about utility laws- dealing with rate hikes and infrastructure

February 2- State of the Union Address: The Locke and Smith Foundation break down the STOU address that happened earlier this week, and what they think about what President Trump said. The review process of the legislation: How it is determined to be within the confines of the constitution or not and then how the elected are scored on it. The legislative house has already passed seven pieces of legislation.

January 26- Republican vs. Democrat: The Locke and Smith Foundation show pieces of legislation from the state of Missouri, and it’s your job to see if a Republican or Democrat submitted it. Do you know your party as well as you think you do? HB1500: Repealing regulations/rules regarding… Hair braiding? Modifies provisions relating to the practice of cosmetology and barbering.

January 19- Republican vs. Democrat – Do you really know your political party? The Locke and Smith Foundation plays a round of Republican vs. Democrat. Is Trump a racist – Nick and The Locke and Smith talk about the definition of racism, and how Trump doesn’t fall under that category. Greene County Audit – What is the latest news on the Greene County audit? 

January 12-Locke and Smith Foundation Award: Tom and Dr. Lilly talk about the 2017 Locke and Smith Award Finalists.
The finalists include: Tom Hurst 062-R, Nick Marshall 013-R, Mike Moon 157-R, Judy Morgan 024-D, and Jeff Pogue 143-R.

Taxes: Was the Locke and Smith Foundation up in Jefferson City when the tax cut was announced? What do they think will happen with the new cuts. Gov. Greitens: What does the Locke and Smith Foundation think about the recent news about Greitens? PDMP: What’s new with the PDMP.

January 5-Republican vs. Democrat – How well do you know your political party based on bills? The art of the deal – Dr. Lilly is reading The Art of the deal currently. Michael Wolff’s ‘Fire And Fury’ Book Will Be Released Early: Is this book a joke?

December 27, Hour 1- Republican vs. Democrat: How well do you actually know your party? Seatbelts – click it or ticket: There are possible new laws that might occur in Springfield about seatbelts. Do MODOT signs on the side of roadways really work? Election Cost: What do we really pay for the primaries? 

December 27, Hour 2- PDMP: 1993 is when the prescription drug monitoring program started. The solution was to influence each state to get one and help monitor prescription drugs. How well is it working?

December 27, Hour 3- The Americans for Equal Shared Parenting is dedicated to raising awareness of the need for equal shared parenting legislation across the country.  Mark Ludwig is one of the board of directors and plans on spreading the word for more equality.

December 22- The UN: An update at what happened at the UN earlier this week. Game of Republican vs. Democrat: Do you really know your Republican vs. Democrat? New GOP Tax bill: The new GOP tax bill passed… Now what? 

December 15- Republican vs. Democrat: Nick and The Locke and Smith Foundation plays a round of Republican vs. Democrat. Can you guess the difference between them when you read their bills? Trash Service: Are we really getting our trash service picked by the city of Springfield? Pitbull ban: What’s happening with the pitbull ban? 

December 8- Wheels to work: An update to wheels to work? Missouri Audit: There is going to be an audit in Greene County? Test your knowledge: do you really know your legislation?

December 1- PDMP: Dr. Lilly decided to test out the PDMP research and charted out information from government releases… What did he find? The PDMP doesn’t work. Steel Mill in Sedalia: Is this just ignorance?

November 17-  PDMP: Dr. Lilly spoke about the PDMP. Photo ID talk. Josh Hawley: Hawley is being sued for not following the rules? Should this be an issue? 

November 10- Hour 2- Shane Schoeller: voting in an election. How does a place become a polling location?
Ron Calzone: Rights in Missouri, and laws we have to live by. Senate Bill 672: Started out as a single topic bill… That turned into 19 different other things, and what passed. Ron Calzone challenged the bill and one, since a bill can only have one topic.

November 10, Hour 3- State lines and child custody: What happens when a couple go their separate ways, and one moves to another state with the child. 

November 3- Craig Wood verdict: It took the jury only 55 minutes to find Wood guilty of killing Hailey Owens. The death penalty is now on the table for Craig Wood.
Election time: What you can see on the November election ballot.

October 27- PDMP: Update on the prescription drug monitoring program.  Pit bull: There is a new petition going around Springfield for the pit bull ban. 

October 20- Pitbull ban in the city of Springfield. Do you think the law will stand strong with the pitbull puppies? What other dog(s) should be banned in the city of Springfield? Officers vs. Politicians: Do politicians push the police around because they know they control their jobs? Job of a journalist: Do journalists really do their job, or do they try to find two quotes and move on with the story? Donald Trump: Trump made a call to a family who lost their military member. People are now taking it that Trump was being rude/mean to this family. 

October 13- Driving in Republic: Julian Garcia decided to share his positive interaction with the a Republic police officer on social media. 
NFL Protesting: What is happening with the protests? Are the people missing the point of the protest? Does that mean they are doing it wrong?
Pit bull ban: the ban has really put a lot of strain on owners, and shelters.

October 6- Pitbull Ban: What does Dr. Lilly think about the ban? What are some of the loopholes of the ban?
Las Vegas Shooting and the NRA: Who actually supports the NRA? Dr. Lilly goes through the list of the amount of money that the NRA has spent supporting/opposing a candidate.
Panhandling in Springfield: Opinion article wrote earlier this week about panhandling. It stated to not give the panhandler money, and to help volunteer with Wheels to Work.

September 29- First Amendment Right: What really falls under the First Amendmen? Do we the people control the rights, or does the government? Voting: Do those we elect really do their job? Dr. Lilly tells us who voted this year, and who was absent. 

September 23- Locke and Smith RAFFLE; Josh Hawley; House Bill 797.

September 15- Pet Rabbits – Pets or Food. Raffle Tickets. Locke and Smith Award: Dr. Lilly explains how the award is won and how someone becomes a finalist.

September 8- Dr. John Lilly guest hosts for full three hours. Kansas City Chiefs won the NFL season opener against the New England Patriots. What makes Missouri’s PDMP different from other states? Do our rights come from the Constitution?  What are projections for health care in 2017 and how are prices established in health care?  What is direct care and how does it work? How did we end up with DACA? 

September 1- Dr. Lilly talks about his adventure out west! Donald Trump in Springfield. Banana Appeal at Ole Miss. Price gouging in Texas? Tax Relief.

August 25- Donald Trump coming to Springfield. Democracy between the state and people. The difference between minority and majority 

August 18- Solar Eclipse: We’re only a few days away for one of the biggest events of the summer. Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal: What does the Locke and Smith Foundation believe should happen after the senators remarks? Robert E Lee: America keeps trying to change the past. Article 1, section 2: Look it up under the Missouri Constitution. The Locke and Smith Foundation clarifies what’s going on under the Constitution

August 11- The Solar Eclipse: Are people going a little overboard about the solar eclipse? Oversized vehicles: Several states have adjusted their freight transportation schedules. Business discrimination. Pit bulls: The Springfield city council is considering a pit bull ban. 

August 4- Is socialism being defined correctly in America? What was it like being in an America store with someone from a socialist country? What is nullification? What is Dr. Lilly’s thoughts on the News-Leader’s investigation into sexual abuse inside Springfield Public Schools?

July 28- Springfield and PDMP: Dr. John Lilly talks about the city council meeting that he spoke out and what’s going on with the PDMP. If we do the PDMP, is there other things that we need to restrict? Different Missouri departments are now adjusting their budgets to support Governor Greiten’s executive order over PDMP.  What does Dr. Lilly think about the repeal and replace? Have Republican’s been fooled by this healthcare plan? 

July 21, Hour 1- OJ Simpson, PDMP, “Hosmer Rule”

July 21, Hour 2- What is covered under the prescription drug monitoring program? Is this only for opioids or is this for every prescription that you get? Dr. Lilly and Tom Martz answer frequently asked questions about the prescription drug monitoring program that citizens have. How do people get prescription opioids? Who will be benefiting from this?
Special Guest Mike Moon: Moon talks about PDMP problems and future things he plans on working on

July 21, Hour 3- Special Guest Mike Moon: Upcoming bills coming up that are important to the citizens of Missouri. Moon covers the PDMP. Different medical fields covered their thoughts of this. Moon believes that this bill will be moving forward.
 July 14- Earlier this week the Springfield City council took up the issue on a prescription drug monitoring program. Chesterfield Village, Missouri Government: Governor Eric Greitens has several pieces of legislation sitting on his desk.(House Bill 34, House Bill 50, House Bill 51 ,House Bill 93)

July 7- PDMP: Do states have a higher death rate with an active PDMP? The Blue Alert System: Missouri joins 27 other states with ‘Blue Alert’ system for violence against police. The Bamboo problem (update)

June 30- The Travel Ban. The Fourth of July: Declaration of Independence. How we came to be independent. PDMP: Cities around the Ozarks are thinking about creating their own PDMP. Should they? Does it work? 

June 23- How do you take YOUR coffee. Panhandlers/ Wheels to Work: Wheels to work has rolled out the rug to help out the panhandlers in Springfield. Kearney Street. ER withdrawal: Several states are jumping on the bandwagon to sue major drug companies.

June 16- Governor Greiten’s: “He thinks he is prettier than I am.”Dr. Lily talks about a friend who met Greiten’s for the first time. This was the impression he gave. on posted a video of him decapitate and later dismember a live chicken on a Facebook video. Moon did this because doesn’t think Greitens’ new Abortion measure goes far enough, and wants a full repeal of abortion across the state. State Monuments: thoughts on removing monuments across the nation.

June 9, Hour 1- Willard Superintendent, Missouri constitution Article 1 Section 5, Colin Kaepernick

 June 9, Hour 2- Special Guest David Cort, Convention of the States, Special Sessions

June 9, Hour 3- PDMP

June 2- Paris Accord, “Health Care”, Bobcat kitten, Kathy Griffin

May 26- General Welfare, Gov Greitens, House Bill 1, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Obamacare

May 19- PDMP, Clair McCaskill, HB 443, HB 334

May 12- Nick, Tom, and John’s Prom; PDMP Update, The Real ID Act; SB 43

May 5- Insurance and Community Rating; Blue Lives Matter Bill; HB 303

April 28- PDMP Update; New mayor and panhandlers; MO Senator Rob Schaaf; Kearney St Crusin’

April 21- Prescription drug monitoring program update in Missouri.  Doctor shopping. Clearing the PDMP after 180 days? 97% of PDMP are NOT doctor shopping – so how do we stop prescription drug abuse?

April 14- PDMP; House Bill 758; House Bill 780; House Bill 1045; House Bill 698; Bamboo in Ava

April 7- President Trumps’s strike on Syria, legislation on the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, and the Springfield City council elections. 

March 31- Prescription Drug Act in Missouri. The Springfield city council. 

March 24- Springfield city council. Prescription Drug Act. Minimum wage. Charter School. Property Tax. 

March 17- March 10- Government and credit, the city of Ava

March 10- Healthcare – treating a smaller population of people, House Bill 451

March 3- Prescription Drug Monitoring Program; Parent involvement in their child’s life; Lincoln Days;  HB 220 Update

February 24- Fake news and media; Caitlyn Jenner; Missouri Senate bill 74; House Bill 220- Listing county clerk address as home address on license. 

February 18- Part 3 of 4.  As a Special guest on “The Gun Show”, Dr. Lilly speaks with Judge Rusty Johnson in their four part series about the Missouri Constitution.  The 10th Amendment… Why isn’t it followed anymore? Dr. Lilly takes a look into the sections and articles in the 10th Amendment and constitution. 

February 17- Fake news and mass media. Do people really trust journalism anymore?  Fact checking the president. Revenge porn. How does this statute in the state of Missouri work? House Bill 906.

February 11- Part 2 of 4.  As a Special guest on “The Gun Show”, Dr. Lilly speaks with Judge Rusty Johnson in their four part series about the Missouri Constitution.

February 10- Dr John Lilly talks about testifying in the house and senate.  Federal tax money being used from the wrong items in Missouri.  Drug administration is now allowing clinics to give out clean needles to users.  Right to Work in Missouri.

February 4- Part 1 of 4.  As a Special guest on “The Gun Show”, Dr. Lilly speaks with Judge Rusty Johnson in their four part series about the Missouri Constitution.

February 3- 2017 Super Bowl, Missouri Department of Health and Human Services, Passing local prescription drug monitoring in many cities across the state,, Riots at UC Berkeley

January 27- Accusations on Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley. The definition of “at.” Living in the city limit. Does where you reside really matter when in a political office? Fair tax throughout the state.
January 20- Discussion over the Trump Inauguration.  Public TV government funding.  Right to work

January 13, Hour 1- Dr. Lilly and and Tom Martz of Locke and Smith Foundation fill in for Nick Reed this morning and talk about winter weather hitting the Midwest and the fatal ice storm that hit Springfield 10 years this weekend. Joe Biden being voted the best VP ever? The Locke and Smith Foundation awards were also awarded over the week.

January 13, Hour 2- Metal detectors in Missouri State buildings. 

January 13, Hour 3- Prescription drugs and Claire McCaskill. 

January 6- Language of Liberty, gun control across the state of Missouri, and President-Elect Donald Trump. Guest Ron Calzone weighs in on some important topics across the state of Missouri as well.

2016 Podcasts

December 30, Hour 1- Dr. Lilly and and Tom Martz of Locke and Smith Foundation fill in for Nick Reed this morning and talk about their upcoming event.  They discuss President-Elect Donald Trump.

December 30, Hour 2- Representative-Elect Franks. Dr. Lilly and Tom Martz also cover union issues and Claire Mccaskill.

December 30, Hour 3- President-Elect Trump and emoluments clause.

December 23, Hour 1- Dr. Lilly and and Tom Martz of Locke and Smith Foundation fill in for Nick Reed this morning and take an open phone hour for callers.

December 23, Hour 2- Missouri politics and take phone calls on important Missouri issues.

December 23, Hour 3- President-Elect Donald Trump and conflict of interest. 

December 16- What is the Locke & Smith Foundation’s word of the day? What are new statistics on deaths by prescription drugs with states that have a PDMP? What pre-filed bills caught Dr. Lilly’s eye?

December 9- What legislation is being pre-filed in Missouri for the 2017 session when it comes to law enforcement, voting in a primary, and carrying weapons into a business?

December 2- How is power defined when it comes to government? What is the Locke & Smith Foundation about? How can you help the group with legislative review for 2017?

November 11- Were the guys shocked about the results from the election on Tuesday? What does it mean to have Civic authority? Why should you be leery of Republicans who try to pass National vote?

November 4- Nick talks with Rose Sundet of the Locke & Smith Foundation about the upcoming ballot, Ozark’s Honor Flight, and income tax reform.

October 28- What inaccuracies do John and Tom see in the ballot language for the cigarette tax law?

October 21- What do John and Rose from L & S think about the latest presidential debate? Would Trump not accepting the election results be damaging? If Hillary is such a sure win, why is there still such a strong effort to promote her from party affiliates?

October 14- What research has the Locke & Smith Foundation done regarding MO state taxes on tobacco? 

October 7- Nick discusses politics and constitutional amendmendts with the Locke and Smith Foundation

September 30- What did John and Tom think of the Trump/Clinton debate? What is the criteria for winning a Locke and Smith Foundation award? What have they been studying about MO ballot initiatives?

September 23- What is the latest with the Springfield council and Payday loans? What took place at the Constitution Party at Missouri’s State Convention?

September 23- What is the latest with the Springfield council and Payday loans? What took place at the Constitution Party at Missouri’s State Convention?

September 9- Is the FBI covering for Hillary? Why are Republicans treated so flippantly by the media? What conclusions are Libertarians drawing about the two-party system in the presidential race?

September 2- Is Kapernick having secound thoughts about what he got himself into? Why is Springfield councilman Justin Burnett resigning? What did Joe Biden say to a heckler at a Hillary rally? Why are some in the LGBT community upset about straight actor

August 26- What is the Conservative Americans Club? What is the latest on the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program?

August 19- What was in the News-Leader on Obamacare and what was recently revealed about Senator McCaskill? When is the next Center for Self Governance classes?

August 12- When’s the next center for self governance class? How did the DNC refocus the Clinton e-mail scandal? Why would Vladimir Putin want Trump to be president?

August 5

July 29- What does the Locke & Smith Foundation think about the websites of Missouri candidates running for office? Why can’t the Locke & Smith foundation endorse candidates? Who do they like personally?

July 22- Locke and smith. What do John and Tom think of the RNC? What do John and Tom think of our local campaign ads?

July 15 (Hour 1)- What did John and Tom see in the paper about gun responsibility? Should drug investors worry about medicare revenues?

July 15 (Hour 2)- Minority tax credits. Government manipulation of the marketplace. The Right to farm bill. Article 3 section 21 and 23 (their favorite).

July 15 (Hour 3)- What updates do Joe Passanise and Dee Wampler have for us on the Fulnecky Case? What legal recourse for Fulnecky releasing personal info on city website?

July 8- What’s going on with parking on Commercial street? What is the latest with the title laws of Article 3 section 23 and 21? What did Obama say about the law enforcement and forming a nationalized police force? How is he using tragedies like Dallas t

July 1- What are their thoughts on on the constitutional carry bill? What is HB 1763? When will Christian County hold a debate for commissioner candidates?

June 24- What is dual jurisdiction and how does it differ from single jurisdiction? What are their thoughts about Great Britain’s vote? When will a Constitution celebration be held? What are their thoughts about HB1448 and HB1611?

June 17- Should people really be fearful of Zika? What is going on in Missouri when it comes to dyslexia screening, license plates, and regulations in hospitals? What is taking place in September?

June 10-What is the difference between a Democracy and a Republic? What are their thoughts on what Springfield is proposing with residents who participate in Airbnb? What did the 9th court of appeals say about constitutional carry?

June 3- What are Slingshots, are there currently any regulations on it, and will there be? What is going on with early childhood legislation and should this be applied to multiple counties in Missouri? What is House Bill 2108?

May 27-Should the government force churches to provide low interest loans to people who need help? What do they think about a debate between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders?

May 27-Should the government force churches to provide low interest loans to people who need help? What do they think about a debate between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders?

May 20-What law is not going to the governor’s desk but would have affected home owners associations? What are house bill’s 2029, 1599 and 2038 about?

May 13- What does the DSM say about gender identity? What is going on in Jefferson City with the PDMP? What is happening with SB663 and HB1713?

May 6-  What is the most important feature of Trump supporters? What is causing voters of the #neverTrump movement to turn? Should Fulnecky sue Springfield for $20,000 in legal fees? What is being hidden in senate bill 867? How does the bill of rights define arms?

April 29- What happened this weekend in Jefferson City this week? What are their thoughts on what happened with SJR39? What is going on in Jefferson City when it comes to CPR and law enforcement on college campus’?

April 22- What kind of questions were asked of Dr. Lilly when he testified against the PDMP? Who should you get to know if you value your freedoms? 

April 15- Why are Democrats in Arizona suing the state? What happened this week in the capitol when it comes to constitutional carry?

April 1- What pledges should a candidate take? What data did Dr. Lilly find when he did some research regarding prescription drug use? What group is pushing Missouri to get a PDMP? Do you have a right to consume perishable foods? Raising the gas tax in Missouri and banning powdered alcohol? When is their next Center for Self-Governance meeting? Should parents be able to freeze their child’s credit?

March 25- Who was John Locke and what did he believe was the role of government? Who was Adam Smith? What relevance did these men provide to the architects of the constitution?

March 18- Foundation What does the Locke & Smith Foundation think about the religious freedom amendment that ended up in filibuster last week? What does it mean to discriminate? What happens to Joint Resolutions in Missouri?

March 11- What do you have to realize about bills like the one covering CPR in high schools? Should the state be expanding newborn screenings? What does HB1401 cover? Could new legislation require all medical records to be kept in digital form?

March 4- What are their thoughts on Mitt Romney’s attack on Donald Trump? What legislation covers kids in school learning about civics? What’s going on in Jefferson City when it comes to child abuse and fertilizer? Should St. Louis seceded? What makes a drug a controlled substance?

February 26- What were their thoughts on last night’s GOP debate and Springfield Council member Justin Burnett’s town hall meeting? What is the job of a politician? What things do House Bill 2336 and Senate Bill 677 cover? What bill covers doctors prescribing naloxone to citizens for another individual, and would something like this work?